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Article: Should parents be held responsible for their child’s bullying behaviour?

There are rumblings in the USA that a lawmaker in Pennsylvania is wanting to pass a bill that will hold parents responsible for their children's bullying behaviour. According to an article at parents would be fined up to $750.00 if their children don't stop their bullying behaviour.

So I thought I would address how parents may even try to stop their child from bullying and whether or not they are to blame if they continue to bully others, despite the parent's best efforts...


Podcast: How to Prevent Losing Your Job

The only way to prevent losing your job is to be self employed. However, its not for everyone. Losing one's job is never easy - for a host of different reasons including increased financial stress, uncertainty and loss. So, knowing how to prevent losing ones job - as much as you can possibly control - is important. That's why I invited Human Resources Consultant Andrea Garson to share some tips with you about how to prevent losing your job.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:
  • Some of the traits or behaviours that employers find most valuable in their employees
  • Some of the traits or behaviours that employers find most worrisome in their employees
  • Some of the warning signs that your employer may not be happy with your performance or that you're at risk of losing your job
  • How you can best handle talking to your employer if you're unhappy with the tasks you're being assigned, but want to keep your job?
  • Some of the most common reasons that employees lose their jobs
Listen at

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