Taking a break and more open communication

Tips for parents on helping teens open up

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Many parents struggle with ways to encourage their children (and especially their teens) to open up and share information with them that they are often more inclined to share with their peers. Although it is common for older children, in particular, to not disclose too much to their parents, there are ways to build a solid foundation from which parents and children can establish strong communication skills. In this podcast, Sara chats with Una Wright, Founder of YouthSpeak about how we can get our teens (and younger children) to open up.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:
  • The pros and cons of selling and buying cars privately
  • Why not just go through a dealership if that’s the safer route?
  • What can go wrong when buying or selling a car privately
  • What one needs to do in preparation for a private sale or purchase
  • How people can protect themselves to reduce or completely eliminate risks when buying or selling a car privately

Does your summer spell break?

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Now that all students have finished school, summer break can officially begin...

For some, this signals the beginning of overnight camp with barely enough time to catch ones breath between school ending and boarding the camp bound bus - some for the entire summer.

Many other students, not going to sleepover camp, are enrolled in day camp. For most children, this means sticking to a schedule - getting up at a specific time (sometimes even earlier than they did for school), making sure to meet their bus at a specific location and going to bed early enough to be alert the following morning...

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