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Words of wisdom from a centenarian and his love

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After 100 years, Henry Kerr and his 90 year old bride share their wisdom and insights into what keeps them vital, connected and still loving life. Sara Dimerman in conversation with Henry and Valerie Kerr.

Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:
  • Their life stories
  • When Henry discovered his creative talents
  • Henry's prolific poetry writing skills
  • How they re discovered love in their late eighties and nineties respectively
  • how love has enhanced their lives
  • The secret to remaining vital, nimble minded and interested in all that life offers
  • Learning to live life to its fullest and maintaining a positive attitude

Beating the Winter Blahs

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It reads:

February blahs. Winter blues. For those of us living in Canada, this time of year can leave even the happiest among us feeling a little on the sad side. It’s not just that we’re sick of having to pull on or zipper up boots, or put on coats, scarves and gloves every time we leave the house. We are also experiencing the accumulative result of too many long dark nights and short gloomy days. The good news is that we are apparently over the bluest day of the year and can now look forward to sunnier days ahead as we spring towards a few more minutes of daylight every day until the time at which we have more light than dark over a 24 hour period...

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