Setting limits & modelling savvy spending

Article: Dilemma with data

Do you find yourself constantly monitoring to make sure you haven't exceeded your monthly data limit? Perpetually nagging your kids to turn off their devices once you've received the 90 percent reached alert? Not sure whether to keep changing your plan to keep up with the families demands or continue to try to get them to stick to the limits? You're not alone.


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Podcast: How to Raise a Financially Literate Family

Do you consider yourself financially literate? How about the rest of your family members? The big question is how to raise them to become more so. With the help of my guest, Laura Plant, RBC's Director of Student Banking, hear great advice on the how to become more financially literate as a family and the importance of being so.

Over the course of this episode, you will learn more about:
  • What financial literacy means and why it's so important
  • The steps that parents can take, at various ages and stages of their children's lives, to model becoming and being financially literate
  • The value of giving your child an allowance
  • The ways in which parents can prepare their teenagers and young adults towards becoming more financially independent
  • Resources to help families on their journey
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