2011 was a big year for us here at All Things Go, one reason being the launch of ATG Records last November. With one release under our belt, we're excited to introduce to you the latest members of the ATG Records family: Mausi.

Hailing from Newcastle in the UK, this four-piece -- featuring brother-sister duo Daisy and Thomas Finetto plus friends Ben Brown and Benji Huntrods -- has mastered an infectious brand of dance-pop that had us hooked the moment we heard it. Nowhere is this more evident than "sol," the band's single for ATG Records. Equipped with a shimmering piano line, bright male-female harmonies, and animated calls to "Dance! Dance! Dance!", "sol" is about as close as you can get to bottling summer up into a three-minute track. The video is no different; this collection of clips from the band's journey across Europe has got us longing for a vacation of our own.

The sol 7" will ship February 20th, with "sol" as the A-Side plus a mean Lightwaves remix of the track as a B-Side. Get your pre-order on HERE.

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