My Personal Journey and What I'm Thankful For
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In the spirit of giving thanks, I thought that instead of offering a Marketing Tip,  I'd share the charities I care deeply about and donate my time to. They are both amazing organizations doing wonderful things for the most vulnerable and helpless in our society. 

Child Haven - Child Haven provides intensive therapeutic  mental health and development services to children who have suffered severe abuse, trauma, and neglect. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters -  Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need us most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty, and coping with parental incarceration, by providing caring adult mentorship. I have been mentoring 10 year old Kelsey for 5  years and she is the light of my life! 

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Hi <<First Name>>,

Holy cow- the holidays are here already? How the heck did that happen?  I'm chalking it up to missing and entire month of Halloween ads, decorations and candy. For those of you who don't know, I took October off to follow my dream of roaming around Europe for a while. I spent 19 wonderful days traveling throughout France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Hungary. It was my dream come true and the adventure of a lifetime. I am so grateful I was able to (finally) take the trip. 

I am also grateful for Stav Raz, my new Marketing Associate  who has been doing an amazing job on the Newsletters and who managed my business in my absence. Thanks to her I had a very relaxing vacation. Can we give her a virtual round of applause please? 

Speaking of gratitude (tis the season, right?). I want to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to YOU. My loyal customers and readers. Many of you have been with me since the very beginning, others faithfully read our newsletter each week and send me kind emails of support and encouragement, and others I see out in the community and you are always asking me how business is and offering your advice and support.  Wow. I am a lucky lady to have all of you. You inspire me, fuel me, and make me feel so grateful that I have chosen this path. THANK YOU! 

So, in the spirit of gratitude, community and thanks this week's article is called "What I'm Thankful For (and 5 Ways a Company Can Give Back)".  It's a little bit about my journey to self employment and how it has allowed me to be able to give back to the community. I hope enjoy it! 

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  • Fortune Friday Quick Marketing Tip: Replaced this week with my favorite charities! Check them out - and feel free to donate! :-)
  • Special Thanks to YOU- a Very Special Offer - Trust me, you don't want to miss this! 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving full of love and gratitude! Be safe and enjoy your time with family and friends!

Carolyn Higgins
Fortune Marketing Company 

Featured Story 

What I'm Thankful For
 (And 5 Ways to Give Back)

Oh, let me count the ways!  Just a little over 3 years ago I lost the best job I ever had. I was making great money, liked the company and the people I worked with (mostly), and even the commute wasn’t bad. But then the Great Recession hit and tough decisions had to be made. I was in the 3rd and final round of layoffs.
I’m not one of those people who always knew I’d be a business owner:  I didn’t have the most successful lemonade stand on the block, nor did I find clever ways to outsource my babysitting jobs to younger cheaper labor. Nope, from the age of 12 with my first paper route I always worked for someone else and thought that was just the way it was supposed to be.
Well, getting laid off got me thinking– why NOT start my own business?  (Actually I started thinking about it a couple years before I got laid off – but I never thought I’d actually do it.) I had years of very valuable and diverse marketing and sales experience,  I understood the needs of growing businesses,  and although I liked the jobs I’d had, I was never truly satisfied sitting in a cubicle or out selling other people’s stuff that honestly, I was never fully, 100% enthusiastic about. So, thanks to the Great Recession, I had the opportunity to take the plunge- and I’ve never looked back.  
I love being my own boss. It has opened up a whole new world to me in so many different ways, that I could write a book about it (oh wait, I am!).  It has given me the excuse and the flexibility to do the things I’ve always wanted to do;  give back to my community, write, work with the people I like to work with …..oh yeah, and take a 3 week trip to Europe!
For me building a business has meant getting out into the community and meeting people, networking, getting involved, offering my expertise, experience, and skills whenever I can to causes and charities I care deeply about (for a list of those see the side tab). And for me, this has been the most rewarding part of being a business owner and I am so thankful. 
So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and freedom and gratitude I’d like to share a few of the things I do to give back to the community.
1.       Raise Money for a non –profit: Non profits are ALWAYS looking for ways to raise money. Devote a day or a week or a month to your favorite charity and donate a portion of sales, or ask customers to make a donation (rounding up a check is a really easy way to do this) and match it!
2.       Give your company the afternoon off to do volunteer work – Ok, not only is this great for the community, but it’s great team-building for your company. Let your employees decide what cause to support and give them a couple of hours off to go help out – maybe it’s painting a building, or doing landscaping, or cleaning up a park, or stuffing envelopes, or waving signs for a car wash!  You can choose a different one each year, or agree as a company to support a specific one .
3.       Donate to silent auctions- Do a local search of events in your area and you’ll find tons of events by non-profits trying to raise money.  Call them and ask if you can donate auction items or even raffle items.
4.       Do a food, toy, or coat drive – These are very popular around the holidays, but hungry people need food all year round and children’s organizations need supplies all year round.  Most people and companies think of giving back around the holidays, find ways to support them during the off-season too when they aren’t getting as many donations!
5.       Get on a Board of Directors – Talk about rewarding! I am able to offer my marketing skills and expertise to help with the strategic planning and direction of my favorite nonprofit, helping them raise more money now – and well into the future!  What skills, experience, or expertise do you have to offer? Find a board that could benefit from those and apply!
(And I almost hate to bring it up, but I am a Marketer after all and would be doing you – my loyal readers - a disservice if I didn’t mention this: don’t forget the press releases!!! Although promotion is not our main motivation for giving back, it doesn’t hurt you – or the charity you are helping - to get a little publicity.)
These are just a few ways to give back. There are countless others.  What cause do you care deeply about? How do you give back?  If you'd like to share your journey or tell us about the unique ways your company gives back please CLICK HERE. 

If you aren’t sure how to get started, contact a local charity and find out how you and your company can help.

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