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Happy weekend! This week’s issue features two impressive CSS only effects, at least two cool SVG things, plus a look at how to do neat things with GSAP timelines.

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Michelle Barker's Personal Site

You might recognize Michelle’s name from some past issue’s tutorials. Her recently redesigned personal site has a sense of play and lightness to it that I really love.


Unzipping folders
Endlessly unzipping folders, all done with CSS.

CSS only satellite
The swarm of orbiting triangles makes for a very neat effect. It’s hard to believe this one is done all with CSS.

Generative SVG animation with GSAP and React
This Pen from Natalia has a strong Spring vibe as these vines regenerate and animate in.

Photo tear
It’s surprisingly satisfying to tear through photos in this Pen from Steve Gardner.

A simple SVG blob editor
Drawing blobs in this little tool was way more fun than I expected. There are some lovely bits of animation that bring the drawing experience to life.


Time traveling with GSAP
Jhey shows how timelines can affect each other in this meta GASP demo.


Distributed letter animation
Another neat animated type effect from the folks at Codrops.

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