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Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting excited about variable fonts lately. People are making so many neat things with them, and animating them too! Mark Frömberg’s demos below are some great examples of their potential.

If you need a quick burst of inspiration to kick off your weekend, I suggest starting with the Giant Ant motion graphics piece and the Codrops diagonal slide show demo. Both show off some wonderful design details with their animation while also covering completely different ground.

Until next week,

- Val

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Enjoy #dzy

The site for this event space features a stylish build-in animation, plus some very nicely done scroll-triggered canvas animations throughout.


Lululemon // 20 years: Youngblood
One in a series for lululemon's 20th anniversary by Giant Ant. There are some really nice transitions and scene changes in this one.

Variable font experiments
A collection of animated variable fonts experiments by Mark Frömberg.

Codrops diagonal slideshow fun

Diagonal slideshow
Diagonal motion and some directional hovers come together for this slick effect from Mary Lou at Codrops.

fun while turning the page

Pacman pagination
What a fun detail to add to something like pagination! Mikael Ainalem sneaks a bit of fun into what might otherwise feel like a mundane interaction in this Pen.


Colour cycling
Dave Rupert details his process building a camp fire animation for the new Paravel site. Lots of neat tricks in there!


How to create pure CSS illustrations and animate them
Agathe Cocco digs into her process for creating CSS illustrations and animating them. (You’ve probably seen lots of her work on CodePen and in previous issues of this newsletter!) She also covers some of the reason why you might want to try CSS illustration yourself.


A lightweight scroll animation library using Intersection Observer by Mirosław Ciastek.



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