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Happy weekend! This week’s issue has some lovely 3D and fun cats for inspiration. Plus, some good reads on accessible smooth scrolling and mathy animation of SVG paths.

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the end of the year already! The next two issues will be special ”best of” issues to feature a short list of the most popular links and resources from this year.

Until next week, 

- Val

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Phillip Neveu site #dzy

This one is a very fun portfolio site full of floaty shapes and unique hover interactions. You can even draw your own additions to the face in the background animation.


Into the dark woods
Another wonderfully moody and mysterious 3D scene from Anna. I love the contrast between the abstract shape and the metallic texture of the text.

Longcat range sliders
These made me laugh and then wonder if some websites might be more fun with animal-themed sliders...

Pure CSS monument valley
A lovely CSS version of some scenes from the popular game by Julia Miocene.

This colorful loop of 3D cubes is really mesmerizing to watch.

Accessible smooth scroll to top
This is a very handy and minimal technique for adapting smooth scroll effecst for reduced motion.


Making things move
An in-depth look at the math behind a very mathy animation effect to twist SVG shapes.


Inspirational web site roundup
A collection of sites doing things just a big differently from the folks at Codrops. You’ll recognize some of them from past issues of this newsletter too.

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