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Happy Friday! I spoke at An Event Apart Fall Summit this week and got to have a fun chat with attendees during the Q&A. That made this week feel just a little bit normal which was really great.

This week’s issue has a little bit of Halloween fun, some lovely motion work, and an in-depth take on why animating layout on the web is so tough on performance. Lots of interesting stuff to dig into!

Until next week, 

- Val

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Goliath Entertainment #dzy

This site is fully of bright colours, whimsy, and a whole lot going on at once. The springy 3d-ish titles are probably my favourite of all the animation they have going on in this site, but the interactive objects in the header are a close second. This one is definitely bursting with personality.


3D stack
Another amazing 3d animation from Maria. I love her work!

LA Beaches
A lovely concept putting type and photos in motion to show off details about LA beaches. All of which display basically the opposite of the weather around here.

Some wavy animated type to get you into the halloween spirit.

Ghost card
This vivid skull card is creepy yet totally seaonally appropriate.

Layout projection: a method for animating browser layouts at 60fps
Animating layout on the web can be a huge performance cost. This article digs the details of why, and proposes one potential way to get better performance.


Awesome demos roundup
Lots of awesome demos in this list from the folks at Codrops as usual. There’s so much great work out there on the web.


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