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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue has a whole lot of type animation for inspiration. There’s a little bit of 3D type, a little bit of warping type with canvas, and even some type that bends on scroll.

There are also two inspiring roundups below: the top Pens of 2020 and the latest installation of the UI interactions and animations roundup. So much inspiration in both these lists!

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The particle animations in this browser-based synth make it that much more fun to play with. It’s full of colorful flocking and exploding particles to accompany your musical creations.


Text warping animation
Fun with canvas and warping letters with a nod to the Burger King rebrand.

React-three-fiber and GSAP demo
A neat animation candy-like 3D letters. (And here’s more on what React-three-fiber is all about.)

On-scroll letter animations
Type that bends a little, or a lot, as you scroll.

This one breaks from the type theme going in the links above, but it’s a fun colorful ball of fire to toss around your browser window so it’s totally worth it.

Top Pens of 2020
The most popular Pens on CodePen in 2020. Lots of great work and animation show up in this list. You might recognize some of them from previous issues too.


UI interactions and animations roundup #13
Another installment of this inspiring list from the folks at Codrops!

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