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vol 20.37 • Oct 9, 2020 • Twitter / Subscribe / Archives 

Happy Friday! I did that thing where I published an article and then almost forgot to share it with you here. Oops. Fixing that now:

I wrote up an in-depth look at the web content accessibility guidelines on animation and how to apply them to your work on CSS Tricks. Some people assume that animation can’t be accessible, but that is definitely not the case at all!

This issue also includes a site all about creative code animation, a cute husky, and some unsubscribe buttons taken to a humorous extreme.

Until next week, 

- Val

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Nils Binder’s Website

I love a fun personal site, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The animated clouds on a string are a whimsical touch and the ”adjust CSS” slider is very fun to play around with.


A cute little husky puppy that likes to listen to music when you tap her belly.

Envelope open animation
A CSS animation for those emails you really enjoy reading.

Unsubscribe buttons
This demo takes those passive-aggressive unsubscribe button to the extreme for a laugh.

WebGL slider
A funky sider with some liquid effects built with webGL.

With code
With code is a website of examples of animation basics with code. It features things like collision detection, fun blobs, and drawing bezier curves. And it's all done with a whole lot of style too!


Accessible animation
Wondering if your animation is accessible? I wrote up this deeper look at the web content accessibility guidelines on animation to explain what all their advice on animation means.


How to use face motion to interact with typography
Admittedly not the type of motion we usually talk about in this newsletter, but it’s still pretty darn neat and worth a read.

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