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Happy Friday! I’m finishing up an action-packed week in San Francisco before heading to my first talk of the year at An Event Apart Seattle. My talk is on making motion inclusive and I’m super excited for this first run of it.

This week’s issue has a few examples of clip-path animation going on in the various tutorials and demos. There’s also a collection of great cutting edge demos, and a deep dive into what makes microinteractions effective.

Until next week,

- Val


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Patterns day hovers

Patterns Day hovers

This week we’re taking a little break from the highly animated sites to appreciate the stylish hover effect on the Patterns Day site. They’re powered by clip-path and CSS variables to create a little something fun for each speaker’s photo.

Wobbly loader text

Turbulence loader
A wobbly take on a loading message using SVG filters by Damien Montastier.

Glowing moving blobs of light

Blob study
Gooey blobs that look almost alien by Liam Egan.

CSS animated icons

CSS animated SVG icons
A few examples of adding just a bit of motion on hover to icons with CSS.


Text trail effects
A neat Dribbble-inspired text trail effect demo from Mary Lou at Codrops, using GSAP for the animation.


How Facebook is using microinteractions for feature discovery
A deep dive into the design and reasoning behind Facebook's feature discovery microinteraction that includes recreating it with clip-path and Vue.


Animate a blob of text with SVG and text clipping
Zach Saucier walks you through creating a neat blob reveal animation with SVG and clip-path. (This one doesn’t work in Firefox as noted in the article.)


Awesome demos roundup
An inspiring collection of cutting-edge demos and experiments from Codrops.



I’ll be at these events in the next few months. If you’re there too, come say hi!

An Event Apart Seattle
March 4-6, 2019

From Business to Buttons
Stockholm, May 3, 2019

An Event Apart Boston
May 6-8, 2019


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