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Happy Friday! I just got back from the super fun Smashing Freiburg conference where I did a talk full of live animation demos. The Smashing attendees and staff are always such wonderful folks to spend time with!

I decided to go a little inspiration heavy for this week’s issue. Hopefully some animated breakfast foods and animals will brighten up your day.

Until next week,

- Val

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Bon Iver with Spotify #dzy

The look of this site reminds of me of the low-fi graphics you get from receipt printers in the best kind of way. The site visualizes how the world is streaming the latest Bon Iver release with lots of pixel animation and scenes.


A truck in a button

Order placed
There’s a whole lot going on in this button to show you that your order is on its way. This concept seems to have caught the eye of a few folks, Aaron Iker even did a CodePen version of it too.

A cat in the cone of shame

Cone of shame
A cute animation that really brings out how cats feel about the cone of shame. (I imagine that dogs probably feel much the same way too...)

Three.js good morning
A wacky 3D way to start your day from Anna the Scavenger.

Happy faces and happy animals

Lyft animation
A fun animation and interaction for rating your pick up spot with an alligator cameo.

One word in a series of expressive text animations by Ryan Mulligan.


Awesome demos round up #8
The folks at Codrops always seem to find the best stuff. This is their latest roundup of awesome demos that will push the limits of what you thought the web could do.



I’m super excited about these upcoming events. If you’ll be at one of these too, come say hi!

Finch Front End
Edinburgh, Sept 23-25

Intersection Conf
Milan, Oct 1-3 

An Event Apart Denver
Oct 28-30

Los Angeles, Nov 3-6

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