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Happy Friday! This week’s issue features a fun scrolly timeline, lots of advice on making spring animations, and a collection of some really cool little micro-interactions. It’s one of those issues that’s especially full of neat and interesting things to explore!

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15 years of Clearleft #dzy

A fun scrolly timeline celebrating 15 years of the web agency Clearleft. I especially liked the clever image hovers for some of the entries.


Umbrella is gone
A 3D scene of flying umbrellas done all in CSS!

Moon rover
A cute little rover rolling around the moon by Chris Gannon. Watch out for those aliens!

Dreaming of Jupiter #dzy
A very cool 3D scene of Jupiter and one of its moons.

Menu reveal by page rotate animation
Preethi shows you the ins and outs of creating a menu transition with 3D transforms on CSS Tricks.


Spring physics explained
Springs are pretty darn cool. This article digs into the logic behind them and how you can even use springs for animations that don’t bounce all over the place.


A collection cool little animations
A whole collection of really neat ”like” heart animations, and most of they are done all with CSS too.

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