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Happy Friday! Somehow one whole month of 2019 is over. January really flew by.

This week’s issue has the animation inspiration and tutorials you expect, plus a couple of helpful animation-related articles on manipulating SVG with CSS and using Parallax effects. It’s so helpful to have a good foundation on what to use where when it comes to making choices for your project work.

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3D particle effects and animal faces

Garden Eight #dzy

3D particle effects and cute 3D animal faces, what's not to like? The liquid image warping transitions and sliding type animations on the work page are also nicely done. It's built with Three.js and GSAP under the hood.

A menu for dark and light themes

Overlay menu
Some nice smooth motion and a unique custom cursor hover effect.

Machine drawn animated frames

Frame by frame printer-drawn animation
This one has nothing to do with web animation, but it’s a neat animation project. Each frame is drawn by a modified 3D printer to create a sort of machine ”hand drawn” effect.

Variable type train station sign

Variable type in public spaces
Animated variable fonts showing up in real-world spaces by studiodumbar.


The many ways to change the fill of an SVG on hover
Get crafty manipulating SVG icons with CSS in this article by Cassie Evans.

Layered motion slide show
A nice layered animation effect using CSS Grid and GSAP from the folks at Codrops.


Web performance - animation
Paul Lewis talks web animation performance with his energetic style. Spoiler alert: transforms and opacity are most definitely mentioned in this video.


What parallax lacks
The Nielsen Norman Group digs into the exact reasons why parallax effects don’t feel right for certain contexts. And they get clear about what types of content it’s a good match for too. 


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