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Happy Friday! This is one of those issues that I’m especially excited about sending. There’s lots to dig into in this one.

I wrote an updated take on designing for motion sensitivities this week. I first wrote about this back in 2015 and things have changed a lot since then, so I’m really happy to have this update out there.

There are also two behind the scenes stories of some very cool web animation, plus some inspiring 3D and type animation below!

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- Val

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What a fun way to bring the concept of design tokens to life, as well, real life tokens. The animation on this holding page definitely helps to pique your interest in this new project from SuperFriendly Co.


Moonlight sparkles
I LOVE Anna’s 3D scenes. They always have a playful vibe to them while also being just so darn impressive.

3D UX design concept
I love the way animation is used to bring a sense of depth and space to this design concept. It makes the products feel so much more real.

A lovely type animation
What a great way to show off a typeface’s many variations.

Designing safer motion with prefers reduced motion
I wrote some updated advice on how to design safe web animation for folks with motion sensitivities. A lot has changed in the last few years when it comes to our options and browser support. We absolutely can design motion on the web that is both creative and responsible. And that's pretty darn cool!


The making of the 1 million devs site
Remember that cool Netlify site from a few issues back? The one with the fancy scroll-triggered animated SVGs? Sarah wrote all about how the animations were made.


Fun facts about the animations
It’s always fun to get an inside look into how other teams approach animation in their work. This looks like a particularly clever solution for making complex animations work well on different types of devices.

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