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Happy weekend! This week’s issue has some fun animations of game characters, trucks and 3D. Plus two helpful articles on solving some of the hard parts about animating on the web. If you’ve been curious about the Web Animations API lately, those last two links will be especially interesting to you.

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Karuse Studio #dzy

There’s a neat sort of radial parallax going on in this portfolio site that gives it a unique feel. The colourful strikethrough animations and custom cursors are a great detail too.


Among Us in CSS
Eject the imposter over and over and over in this all CSS animation from Louis Hoebregts.

PayPal truck button
PayPal doesn't have trucks, but if they did, they would be cute little trucks like the one in this button.

Physics landing page concept
This design concept really brings a page with 3D elements to life in a unique way!

Mavantri logo animation
This high-energy logo animation is a great example of how much personality motion can bring to even simple black and white shapes.

Web animation gotchas
Jake and Surma talk through some common gotchas they’ve run into doing web animation and how to work around them.


Additive animation
Have you ever run into issues when you had two CSS keyframe animations trying to animate the same properties? Or when you wanted to change a CSS animation on the fly? Turns out the WAAPI can help with that! Dan Wilson writes all about how it can help with additive animation in this post.


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