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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue features two helpful techniques: one on split text animations, and one on a grid swipe effect. There are also some very cool animations below, like a take on the Apple keynote animation and some fancy scroll painting.

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Paint as you scroll with this very pretty scrolling experience from Hakim El Hattab.

A high-energy and colorful animation by Ordinary Folk for an a word a week series.

Apple keynote animation
A lovely version of the Apple Keynote animation made with SVG and canvas by Louis Hoebregts.

Rockin rainbows
A very fun (and Chromium only) rainbow-filled animation from Michelle Barker.

Magnetic grid animation
This demo combines parallax and 3D for a magnetic feeling effect going from a grid to detail view.


Building split text animations
An in-depth article from Adam Argyle on ways to make split text animations for the web that are minimal, accessible, and work across browsers.


Swipey image grid
A neat photo swipe-reveal effect tutorial from Cassie. It involves both SVG and cute dog photos, so you know it’s a good one.

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