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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue has another fun mix of animation links, plus two longer reads that might inspire you to try something new. On the inspiration side, there are two demos featuring cute animals and a collection of icon-sized animations.

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NYT 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century #dzy

This best of list features a unique take on scroll-based animation of photos in 3D space. Each set of photos gets a different effect to compliment the framing and contents. That makes it an especially fun one to scroll and read through.


SVG masking
Reveal a sweet sleeping puppy with fancy masking shapes as you scroll. A super fun demo from Cassie Evans.

Full CSS Maneki Neko
A very cute cat all made in CSS by Alexia Toulmet.

Snack sized animations
A collection of icon-sized animations that pack a whole lot of personality into small spaces.

Boop effect
An in-depth tutorial on a whimsical effect that’s just a bit more than the your standard hover effect.


Playfulness in code, learn by having fun
Jhey shares his story and advice on making for the sake of making and exploring weird and wonderful ideas with code.


Image stack intro animation
A neat load-in animation effect with a stack of images from the folks at Codrops.



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