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So here we are at the last issue of this year. And it’s been quite a year, that’s for sure.

This issue features the top 10 inspiration links of the year based on popularity. A nice burst of inspiration to close out 2020!

Thanks so much for reading this year 💜

- Val

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A bubbly playful 3D type animation from Mat Voyce. He has lots of other great animate type work on his Instagram as well.

Full moon in Paris
A sweet CSS animated cat looking out over Paris and counting down the time to the next new moon by Paulina Hetman.

A brightly coloured wobbly interactive toy by Paul Neave. (There’s a whole collection of others too.)

Health app character
A very cool take on a health tracking UI complete with a 3D character to (literally) walk you through the screen transitions.

Button bending hover
Oh no, you broke the button! Just kidding, it’s supposed to be that was in this demo from Aaron Iker.

CSS cat working remotely
Love this cute animated CS illustration by Deren. If only our cats actually would help out a little more while we're working from home!

Ghost at the disco
Another lovely and dramatic 3D scene from Anna the Scavenger. It has both ghosts and rainbow disco balls, so you know it’s going to be a fun one.

Physics landing page concept
This design concept really brings a page with 3D elements to life in a unique way!

Bubble tape text
A very different kind of scroll-based animation that will make you smile.

Motion reel
A fun instagram-sized motion reel featuring some fun characters. (The ghost is my fav.)

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