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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue has a couple of good reads on making motion blurs and some clever scrolling effects for image grids. Plus some clever animation inspiration too.

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Guillaume M portfolio site #dzy

The fading type to highlight certain key phrases as you scroll is a really clever effect used on this site. The monochromatic colour scheme really helps to make the details like the animation stand out too.


Link hover animation
A super fun SVG-powered handwriting inspired link hover animation from Aaron Iker.

Rainbow hyper cube #dzy
A very rainbow and bright hyper cube made with Three.js and GSAP from Louis Hoebregts.

Pure CSS product card
A bike product card with some neat wheel changing animations by Adam Kuhn.

How to create realistic motion blur with CSS
This article goes into a bit of background on motion blurs and how you can pull them off with a pseudo-motion blur effect in CSS.


Scroll animation for image grids
A very cool demo of some diagonal animation on scroll from Mary Lou at Codrops.


Spatial memory and why it matters for UX
Animating between views, or when objects enter and leave the screen, can be a helpful way to establish spatial orientation. This article only touches on animation's role briefly, but understanding the greater context is definitely helpful.

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