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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has a wide variety of animation inspiration for you. There’s some motion graphics work, animated design concepts, and the usual code-based experiments too. Lots of great links to start your weekend with.

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Present balloon easter egg

Articles with creative editorial animation always make my day, and this Animal Crossing easter egg was no exception. It’s spot-on for both the article’s content and audience. (And yes, you can click the balloon to pop it and open the present just like in the game.)


Juneteenth 2020
A powerful animation to celebrate Juneteenth by a talented group of artists. (Credits and details about the project in this Twitter thread.)

Steve Gardner shows off the capabilities of GSAP’s ScrollTrigger in this very impressive and jokingly informative demo.

Coffee for you
An animated coffee cup from by Vadim, complete with steam and bubbles to make it very convincing.

Checkbox waves
Form elements aren’t usually fun or interesting, but this collection of checkboxes is definitely both. Watching the waves in this demo is oddly calming too.

Animals sequence
A colorful rotating sequence of geometric animals by Adbul.

Mandarin lesson
I love how the illustration animations combine with the page transitions in this app concept.

Stagger reveal animations for text
A short tutorial on how to recreate a letter stagger animation with GSAP and Splitting.js from the folks at Codrops.


UI interactions and animations roundup #7
Another list full of inspiring design and animation on the web.

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