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Happy Friday!

If you like animated text effects, you'll really like this week’s issue. We’ve got a variety of animated type, as well as some tips for keeping type animations accessible. And on top of that there’s a great Vue animation example, and a look at some fun ways to bounce elements around the browser.

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Leon Sans

A canvas-based "font" with a whole lot of variations. Each letter is drawn with canvas and it has a great collection of animated effects. The demo site shows them off in an entertaining loop.



A sphere of boxes
A colourful and shiny orb made of tall boxes and some Three.js magic.

Loading text
So fun yet so simple! The animation brings this loading text to life with the letters playing catch.

Flip flop
An amusing type animation with a snappy letter morph to switch out the words.


Vue.js fancy flyout selectors
A neat flyout menu animation made with Vue’s transition system.

How to accessibly split text
Helpful advice from Michelle Barker on how to split text for text animations with accessibility in mind.


Bouncing elements around the viewport with CSS
Chris Coyier rounds up techniques from a variety of sources, like the Coding Train, to create a Pong-like animation with CSS.



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