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Happy Friday! This week’s issue features a couple of nice 2018 roundups full of clever ideas and inspiration. I’m not so good at remembering to look back on the year, but I’m glad other people are better at it and make lists like these.

Along with that, we’ve got a nice little SVG animation tutorial and some updates on Anime.js. 2019 is off to a pretty nice start!

Until next week, 

- Val

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Mazarine's Play 2019 #dzy

A set of minimalist games done in black, white and red that are quick to play through. Some of the games are familiar, but the style gives them a unique vibe and the soundtrack is a great addition. Warning: lots of screen flashing in this one.

Dice tells you made up days

Dice calendar
A fun 3D block calendar inspired by Lego from 

Parallax self portrait
This one has a  bit of time-lapse animation, some handwriting animation, and then some creative parallax on top. Really nicely done!

Tick tock clock
A simple looking yet mesmerizing Pen by Mikael Ainalem.

shaders make cool fake fire

Flame in the wind
An impressively realistic take on fire with shaders from Black Bowen. Staring at it for a while has a nice calming effect, and it’s much less dangerous than real fire.


Anime.js v3.0
A new version of anime.js has hit the internet featuring offsets, layered CSS transforms, and callbacks. The new demos are pretty stylish too.


The most hearted Pens of 2018
That title probably sounds weird if you’re not familiar with CodePen, but there are lot of fun animations and other clever code things in this list of 100 favourite Pens from 2018.


Inspirational web sites from 2018
Another 2018 roundup post, this time from Codrops. This list features some pretty darn impressive sites and creative UI animation.


SVG fill animations with CSS
Marina Ferreira shows you how to build the animated note display from the Awwwards website with SVG and CSS in this detailed tutorial.



I’ll be at these events in the next few months. If you’re there too, come say hi!

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Feb 4-6, 2019

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