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Happy Weekend! It’s been a busy last few weeks around here, which is why recent issues have been hitting your inbox on Saturdays, but there are still lots of fun animation links to share!

This week’s issue features a fun agency site, two unique twists in 3D, and a neat animated drawing tool.

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- Val

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Plastic agency

The subtle physics and scroll transitions really make this site come to life. The color inverting effects add a little extra fun, and the persistent shape in the transitions is a nice example of visual continuity. The animated details bring so much to this site.


Another energetic type animation from Matt Voyce.

Icosahedron pure CSS
A fancy geometric shape done all in CSS.

SVG loader
An interesting letter filling effect made with SVG and anime.js.

Hover animation portfolio
A masonry portfolio layout with a unique hover highlight from Colleen.

A neat little tool to create drawings that animate as you go.


Rotating shapes with Three.js
A fun tutorial showing you how to create rubbery looking 3D shapes in Three.js. They certainly have a fun look to them.


Going from solid to knockout text on scroll
A handy CSS Trick from Blake Lundquist showing you how to pull off scrolling text knockout effect.

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