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Happy 2021! It's nice to be back with the first issue of the new year.

This week’s issue kicks off with a mix of inspiration from SVG to motion graphics, plus the details on a very handy new GSAP plugin and a horizontal scrolling demo.

Until next week, 

- Val

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Github home page

The new GitHub homepage features a data-driven animated Three.js globe that really brings a new depth to the page. There's also a post detailing how it was all made.


Animated SVG link lines
A fun take on text underlines with SVG by Adam Kuhn.

High pressure business deer
I didn’t know deer were into business but I love the look of this Eoin Duffy piece.

Translucent pearls
A really lovely Three.js demo that you can customize the look of while you push the spheres around.

New FLIP plugin for GSAP
A very powerful and impressive new GSAP plugin that uses the FLIP (First, Last, Invert, Play) technique to make layout changes performant and smooth.


Horizontal smooth scroll layout
Another creative animated demo from Marylou at Codrops. This one is a fun mix of images and text that animate with the horizontal scroll movement.


Physics of beauty
A digital art project that combines abstract animation with music to create some mesmerizing scenes.
A composable CSS animation library that uses CSS variables. The x-ray mode of the site is a neat touch too.

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