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It’s that time of the week again! This week’s issue has a variety of cute animals and planets for inspiration, as well as some helpful tips on CSS animation, design systems, and using GSAP. Happy weekend and happy animating!

- Val


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Florian Monfrini #dzy

There’s a whole lot of floaty masked animation, layers, and parallax going on in this gallery site. All that layered animation set the mood for the gallery and the art.

xray vision cat walk

CSS night cat animation
A sneaky cat in the night that you can click on to reveal the inner-workings of the animation. Fun stuff from Steve Gardner.

Interactive shooting star particles

Shooting star
Beautiful and sparkly interactive particles from Ko.Yelie.

Kitbull's kitten playing with trash

This Disney-Pixar short is the saddest happy thing you’ll watch today. (Also, the cat animation work is so spot-on.)

Cute, but unscientific eclipse

Solar eclipse explained
A super cute take on what happens during a solar eclipse.


Animation in design systems
Wondering what place animation has in your design system? I wrote about the why and how of getting animation in your design system on Smashing Magazine.


GSAP 2.1 released
GreenSock 2.1 is out. There are some fancy new stagger features and additions to MorphSVG's functionality too.


Looping animations with GSAP
An example of how to create looping animations with GSAP that also have just a bit of randomness from Petr Tichy.


A detailed guide to CSS animation
A detailed guide on how the details of CSS Animation work for beginners. The intro is a bit dramatic, but there are lots of useful diagrams in it too.


Fresh Island Festival motion guidelines
One brand’s take on how motion works for their design system and branding efforts.



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