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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue has some fun 3D things, clever uses of CSS variables, and a helpful tip for debugging transition performance issues.

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Blob builder

I had such a blast playing with this little tool from 14 Islands and making all sorts of 3D blobs. It doubles as a way to learn a little more about how 3D textures and lighting work. There's something so soothing about creating these blobs. They’re perfect for when you need a little break to make something fun.


Interactive particle text with Three.js
Another fun 3D experiment to play with, this time with colorful particles and type.

Cups pattern
More than just a neat animated pattern to watch, this Pen also features some clever uses of CSS variables and CSS keyframes to make it all happen.

About us pop out effect
A layered hover effect that brings a bit of extra life to team photos with CSS transitions.

CSS only gold rush
At first glance you might expect this Pen to be made with Three.js, but all of its glowing goodness is done with CSS.

A loopy 3D text effect with a plastic aesthetic and candy colors.

Debugging layout repaint issues on transition
Not your typical CSS animation performance article. Dzhavat goes into the details of tracking down an unexpected transition performance issue and how he solved it.

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