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Happy Friday! This week’s issue features some clever scroll-based animation and an example of classic animation done with SVG. There’s also a good mix of tutorials covering React, CSS animation, and a neat image trail effect.

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Enterprise, but not the spaceship kind

Stripe Enterprise

Stripe always impresses me with their top notch animation work. This bright 3D globe with animated transaction paths is no exception. The diagonal scroll path is a nice touch to keep it in view and follow the lines of the page layout.



Story scroll animation
This Dribbble shot explores what experimental magazine design could look like in motion.

Case study factory
This article makes some great use of animation to emphasize some of its points and draw you into the content as you read through.

Clip clop clippity clop
A CSS only animated horse (with x-ray view on click!) from Steve Gardner.


A practical guide to CSS animations and transitions
The headline is a bit odd, but there’s still some solid information on easing choices and the difference between CSS animations and transitions in this article. 


React slideshow hover effect
A neat slideshow demo with a floaty hover effect made with React.


Image trail effect #dzy
Like a mouse trailer, but with images and much cooler looking. Another interesting demo and tutorial from Codrops.

Live coding audio visualizer
David Khourshid and Stephen Shaw live code audio visualizations using the Web Audio API and CSS variables while giving live musical performances.



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