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Happy Friday! It’s been a bit of a strange week around here, but putting this issue together has been a nice highlight. It’s one of those weeks where I have way more great links to share than I have space for. There are lots of lovely bits of animation and interesting tutorials below! If you were a fan of The Markup from last week or enjoy a good hover effect, you’ll especially enjoy the tutorial links this week.

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Talormade donuts

This site features wavy letters that you can toss around the page and other fun animated type effects throughout the site. The style and personality of the letters are a wonderful example of taking the physical branding in their shops to the web. They’ve managed to make their wiggly typography just as cool as their neon sign.


Checklist animation
A very slick and satisfying animation for checking items off your to-do list.

Memphis beauty
Some really lovely 3D shapes and a compelling animated scene by Anna The Scavenger.

Phone reflection
This seemingly simple animation says so much with its motion.

Revealing footer with position sticky
Remember that neat footer reveal on last week’s featured site? The Keyframers have put together a video tutorial showing you how to pull off the effect for yourself. Chris Coyier also wrote about the technique on CSS Tricks.


Distorted link effect with SVG filters
A tutorial on how to make some really neat hover effects with SVG filters from the folks at Codrops.


4 ways to animate the colour of a text link
For even more neat hover techniques read Katherine's tutorial covering 4 different ways you can achieve an animated colour change for your links.


UI animations and interactions roundup #4
Another collection of impressive UI animation work and experiments.


New events coming up this Spring! If you’ll be there too, come say hi!

An Event Apart Seattle
May 11-13

Pixel Pioneers
June 12


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