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Happy Friday! This week’s issue features some fun animation with CSS and SVG, plus deep dives into canvas physics and React spring. Lots of good stuff to dig into!

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1 Million Devs Microsite

A microsite featuring a whole lot of fun scroll-triggered SVG animation from the folks at Netlify. It’s a very cool way to do a timeline of events, and they even added an animation toggle to reduce motion too. If you want to know how it was all done, the source code is on GitHub.


Glowing slinky
A looping glowing CSS slinky animation to bring a smile to your day.

Summer dreams
A serene summer scene on the water. Just watching this scene for a few seconds will help you de-stress.

Turning pages with CSS
This one is a real page-turner. It’s an impressive CSS only page turning effect with a soft touch.

A huge collection of customizable loaders made with CSS. If you’re stumped on what your next loader should look like, I bet you’ll find the perfect one here.

Making sense of React Spring
A handy guide to using the most recent release of React Spring to make the best springs you possibly can.


Simulating object collisions in canvas
A helpful tutorial on canvas and a bit of physics math to get objects colliding and bouncing off each other.


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