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Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year! 🎉

It’s a short week so we’ve got a slightly shorter issue to match, but there were still some great things out there I wanted to link for you. (Don’t miss the most hearted Pens list below, there are some really neat animation examples in it.)

Until next week, 

- Val

p.s. Replies go straight to my email, and I read them all. Reply and let me know what you want to learn in 2020.



Upload button animation
Sometimes just a little bit of motion can say so much. This button by Michael Ainalem is definitely an example of that.

Verse motion reel 2019 #dzy
This fast-paced collection of work has some really nice effects spanning a variety of styles.

Animography 2020 type animations
The new year animated with a variety of Animography’s animated type faces.

The most hearted Pens of 2019
A collection of the top 100 most popular Pens on CodePen for 2019. Lots of animation and other neat things in this list!


How to create the Apple fifth ave cube in webGL
A nice tutorial on how to create a very fancy rotating 3D cube. I think tutorials like this make for an interesting read even if you’re not planning on doing any webGL projects yourself. It's so impressive what web tech can do these days!


Techniques for rendering text in Three.js
A rundown of the various ways you can render text in Three.js and a look at when each might be the best choice.


Screen transition #dzy
So many screen transitions in one place!

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