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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has some practical articles on the merits of skeleton screens and microinteractions, plus some fun things on animating elements in a grid and dancing robots. We’re covering all the bases here!

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HKI - Thinkers and Makers #dzy

There is some really lovely lighting and texture going on in the opening WebGL scenes for this site. The interactive liquid distortion effect on the portfolio photos gets a little odd at times but it's still fun.


Vanishing SVG filter logo
SVG filters can do just about anything. Even make something disappear!

Conversation UI
A 3d-ish take on conversational UI by Gleb Kuznetsov.

Have you ever been lonely?
These dancing robots by Angelo Plessas and Gerard Ferrandez are like no other dancing robots you’ve ever seen.

The Mine
An adventure game made entirely with CSS (no JS)! Wow. Very cool stuff from Jamie Coulter.

Sliced image slider
An image slider that slices and reassembles images as it goes by Jarrod Thibodeau.


If you like tech things (which is likely if you're reading this) you’ll probably also like the TLDR newsletter. It’s great for keeping up-to-date on all the latest news!

Everything you need to know about skeleton screens
Skeleton screens are very popular these days. This article digs into how to effective skeleton screens are and how to best use them. (The study even covers what type of motion works best.)


Microinteractions in user experience
If you ever need to convince your boss that microinteractions are useful and important, this article from the Nielsen Norman Group is the you want to bookmark.


Animated grid previews
A neat animated effect moving images into their grid positions using TweenMax, CSS Grid and custom properties from MaryLou at Codrops.


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