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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has some interesting 3D animated effects, some surprises about CSS, plus tutorials on SVG line animation and background motion hover effects.

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The writing room
An animated short by AJ Phillip with some clever transitions and a fun story.

Folding ticket detail
A neat 3D ticket unfolding effect by Yugam.

Pure CSS 3d octagonal rings
A mesmerizing and impressive demo as always from Ana Tudor.

Paper plane button
This button by Aaron Iker puts a new spin on the send button.

The surprising things that CSS can animate
A list full of examples of some things you might not have known CSS can animate. Some of these might not be the best choice when it comes to performance, but it’s still neat to know.


GSAP ScrollTrigger
GSAP now has a way for you to animate anything on scroll with GSAP itself. That's pretty cool. Here’s a fun CodePen demo of it in action too.


How to create a motion hover effect for a background image grid
A short tutorial on how to achieve a motion hover effect on a background image grid from Mary Lou at Codrops.


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