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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has a wide variety of inspiration to choose from, along with some neat tutorials on animating hue with Houdini and combining CSS variables with CSS animation.

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss the Apple event animation below, it’s really really good. (And totally worth watching more than once.)

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- Val

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Active Theory web site

Distortion effects, particles, and a clever use of depth really make this site stand out. I especially like the particle colour changing text effect.



Apple wonderful tools
I was on plane during the apple event so I didn't see this animation until recently, but it’s so great. Worth a second watch (or third or more) for all the lovely motion and morphs.

Upside down
A dramatic black and white animation of fish diving around an ocean that starts to get a bit crowded.

With your eyes closed
A super cute interactive character animation by Tiffany Choong.

An energetic wavy letter with animated SVG filters from Adam Kuhn.

Animating a hue with Houdini
Dan Wilson brings together colour, Houdini and animation for some clever results.


CSS custom properties in @keyframe animations
Some handy tips on using CSS variables to customize CSS keyframe animations from Sandrina Pereira. I wrote about some other ways to combine CSS custom properties and keyframe animations a while back as well. It’s a very useful and powerful combination.


Paper Pirouette
An impressive all CSS 3D animation from the Keyframers. Don’t miss the links at the bottom to watch them code it live for more details on how it works.


I’m super excited about these upcoming events. If you’ll be at one of these too, come say hi!

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