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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue features another fun take on toggles, an impressive single div animation, and a couple of tutorials to further your web animation skills.

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Eat off limits

This is probably the quirkiest cereal site I’ve ever seen. I’m not quite sure what it’s all about, but the colours, layout, and motion all come together to give it a really fun vibe.


Star toggles
These cute little start toggles were even more fun than I expected. I would not be sad if I saw these in a form in real life.

SVG image sequence mask
A diferent way to transition between images in a slideshow using SVG masks.

Single div endless hallway #dzy
Another impressive single div experiment from Lynn Fisher! This one really draws you in.

An animated SVG record player that has sound too.

Amazing animation techniques with GSAP
An overview of some of the neat things you can do with GSAP, complete with code examples to follow along.


Transition multiple elements with FLIP and CSS variables
The Keyframers show you how to transition multiple elements performantly using the FLIP technique and throw in some CSS variables for fun too.


A Fancy 3D font library for the web that’s even built with screen readers in mind.

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