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Happy Friday! This week’s issue is all inspiration links. We’ve got everything from motion graphics work, to a little 3D, and some clever interactions. It's been a super busy week here, so I’m excited to sit back and admire some fun links to kick off the weekend.

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- Val

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GT Flexa #dzy

I always love creative type specimen sites. I can’t decided if my favourite part of this one is the morphing type weight example or the pong game that’s happening with the navigation. Both are definitely fun additions to the site!


Rainbow heart animation
A mesmerizing rainbow heart loop from Natalia Mont.

3D island
A fun floating 3D island made with Three.js and GSAP. I love the little cube bunnies that live there too.

Watch e-commerce
A clever shape morphing page transition exploration by Varshini Ravi.

Honda Vibes
The framing of this driving animation is a really nice touch. It's like a mini road trip contained in one review mirror.

Rubber swipe transition
A bit of different take on an image slider with a rubbery bounce effect taking you from one photo to the next.

Mars explorer scroll trigger demo
A fun and scrolly way to learn about Mars powered by GSAP's ScrollTrigger.

SVG sine wave
A wavy SVG effect made with GSAP custom ease by Blake Bowen.

Jellyfish animation
A lovely soothing jellyfish animation by Anya Melnyk.

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