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Happy Weekend! It’s finally starting to feel a little like Spring around here so why not celebrate it with a few inspiring links. This week’s issue has some cute characters, some fancy CSS work, and some cool SVG animation tricks too.

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- Val

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UX Fest site

The UX Fest site is full of happy colorful shapes and a big loop that draws on in the background as you scroll. The shape burst on the tickets button is a fun touch. The site is built to respect reduced motion settings too, which is great. It's another example of a thoughtful approach to reduced motion that considers both the potential impact and the context of its motion.


The happiest dancing computer you’ll see today.

Take a rope and skip to Spring
A cute character Pen that shares my excited for Spring vibes.

Calm in the Iridescence
Bright pink and squishy noise come together to create this mesmerizing scene.

Tabe tennicss
Just a couple of little blocks playing table tennis and made with CSS.
This is a vary useful site if you want to try out some conic gradients in CSS, and there’s a fun confetti explosion when you copy one to your clipboard.


Circular SVG text animation #dzy
An exploration into animating text along a circular path from Codrops. It makes for a very dramatic and spinning effect.

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