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Happy Friday! You may have noticed some GSAP news going around web animation Twitter this week. GSAP 3.0, a brand new version of GSAP with new syntax, a smaller file size, and some new features has just been released. I’ve included two links below that go over what's new with lots of examples.

Beyond that, this week’s issue features some very fun type animation, the cutest ”like” button, and a video on designing for motion in the browser.

Until next week, 

- Val

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D.Construct 2020 site

I love this glitchy animated type header! It has a little bit of clip-path, SVG filter, and the new GSAP going on to pull off the end effect. And it adds a whole lot of style to the page too.You can see how it was all done in this CodePen.


Squiggle text
An extra fun write-on effect from Cassie Evans.

Paw clap button
The cutest high five paw button you’ll ever click, by Aaron Iker.

Creepy but cool. All of these eyes are watching you.

The new feature of GSAP 3.0
An all new version of GreenSock with lots of new functionality, smaller file size and new syntax has been released. If you’ve used GSAP before, you’ll find lots of new useful things. And if you’re new to it, this is a great time to start with the new syntax. You can read the official word on the new release here too.


Motion design in UI
A video all about how to design in the browser with motion in mind hosted by Una Kravets and her very cute dog cohost!


Bruno Simon case study
Remember that site from two issues ago where you navigate by driving a truck around? The designer has written up a case study explaining how it was all done.


CSS floating input labels
A neat way to handle your form labels, and all done with CSS.


Just one conference left for me to wrap up this year! If you’ll be there too, come say hi!

An Event Apart SF
Dec 9-11


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