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Happy last Friday of 2019! Following the theme from last week, we’re rounding up the top inspiration links from all the newsletter issues this year. This week’s issue a nice light look back on the most popular inspiration. Perfect for browsing on a day off.

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Plane trails
A calming scene of planes jetting through the sky from Chris Gannon. (It’s different every time you watch it too.)

Cash app now you can invest #dzy
A bold and lively type animation to celebrate the new investing options. These brightly colored letters and eyeball are powered by anime.js and a touch of SVG.

dConstruct 2020 site
I love this glitchy animated type header! It has a little bit of clip-path, SVG filter, and the new GSAP going on to pull off the end effect. And it adds a whole lot of style to the page too.You can see how it was all done in this CodePen.

Drip drop type animation
Such a fun and illustrative type animation! (And it's its own animated typeface too.)

Bruno Simon web site #dzy
Is driving a truck an effective way to navigate a web site? Probably not, but it sure is fun. There's lots to discover in this personal site while driving around and discovering some of the tricks to the game.

Apple wonderful tools
I was on plane during the apple event so I didn’t come across this animation until recently but I love it so much. Worth a second watch (or third or hundredth...) for all the lovely motion, morphs and spot on timing.

Clip clop clippity clop
A CSS only animated horse (with x-ray view on click!) from Steve Gardner.

Variable fonts compressa animation
A little bit of fun animating different axes of a variable font.

How to make sushi
An animated short that goes through the steps of making sushi with some very clever food animation along the way.

Bug ecommerce
You won’t find me buying any bugs, but the add to cart animation in this one is pretty amusing.

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