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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has two different approaches to staggers, an interesting investigation into what CSS can do, and a collection of animation inspiration. Lots of great web animation links to take into the weekend!

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Tab bar animation
A fun tab bar animation where each icon fills with water droplets when it's selected. All done with CSS.

Toss add to cart animation
An add to cart interaction that literally throws things into the cart.

Staggering CSS animations with custom properties
Staggers are a great technique for making your animations look more organic. In this tutorial, Paul Hebert shows you how to implement them with CSS variables.


Can you make a countdown timer in CSS?
Chen Hui Jing investigates this question and even though the answer is that there are better ways, the process makes for a very interesting read.


How to unroll images with Three.js
A stylish unrolling 3D effect from the folks at Codrops.


Animating CSS width and height
Animating transforms is much more performant than animating width and height directly. This tutorial walks through one solution for animating height or width with transforms instead.


UI animations and interactions roundup #2
A second round up of some very cool animated interactions around the web.


Staggered staggers with GSAP 3.0
A helpful video tutorial on how to double up on staggers in GSAP to reuse staggers for both entrance and exit animations.


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