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Happy weekend! This week’s issue has some festive scenes, a big list of cool demos, and a super helpful tutorial on animating text on scroll. Lots of fun stuff to dig into!

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- Val

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Google Santa Tracker

A fun and festive scene with elves up to all sorts of fun north pole things.


Candy cane with motion path
A stylish and festive demo from Dan Wilson. (You may want to use Chrome for best results on this one as its using some sill experimental things.)

A particle-fueled geometric scene from Peter Liepa.

A collection of creative coding and web experiments by Tom Pickering.

Animate text on scroll
A short video tutorial from the Keyframers showing you how to animate text along a path on scroll using SVG and a little bit of JavaScript.


3D physics based menu with Three.js
A demo and tutorial on making animated 3D menus with Three.js and lots of glossy letters.


Awesome demos roundup #11
A whole long list of impressive demos collected by the folks at Codrops.


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