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Happy Friday! We’ve got an especially eclectic mix of links in this week’s issue. Everything from WebGL inspiration to animated Lottie icons and prefers-reduced-motion tricks. Check out some cool animation tips and have a great weekend 😀

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- Val

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sliding scrolling cards

Small Victories

This product site has a unique layered take on scroll-triggered animation. The animation adds a bit of fun to peeling back each layer of content, and it has just a touch of a brutalist web design feel to bring it all together.

Gooey abstract shapes

Breath in CSS only
A mesmerizing and gooey animation by Sandrina Pereira with no JavaScript involved.

A cat in a box, but not pooping

Cat in a box
It’s a cat. In a box! A cute CSS animation by Tiffany Choong.

Wacky radio button active states

Bulgy radios
Probably not something you’d use on a real form, but still entertaining to play with in this demo by Liam.

3d browser- based fireworks

Fireworks three.js
Some very dramatic particle-based fireworks by takashi.


Reducing motion with the picture element
A handy trick from Dave Rupert to replace animated .gifs with static images using the picture element and the prefers-reduced-motion query. Very clever!


How to animate paper in After Effects
A neat little tutorial on one approach to animating paper. It could be a fun technique to use with other mediums too.


A library of ready-made animated icons in Lottie and After Effects file formats. You can use them as is, or modify the animations in the source files provided.


30 experimental WebGL web sites
A collection of WebGL sites from the folks at Awwwards. There are lots of fun examples in this list.



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