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Happy Friday! This week’s issue has two serene scenes, a cute toggle, plus some helpful tips for animating SVG and drawing with CSS.

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Making Maisel Marvelous #dzy

A lovely immersive 3D site that lets you explore the work that went into creating the world of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel show. I love how they made the set illustrations come to life with the 3D perspective. This site is another one that uses sound to add to the overall flow and feel of the experience too.


Impossible checkbox
I’ve never had a teddy bear mess with my form elements before, but I think I’m ok with it.

A chill summer scene to make you feel calm by
Toshiya Marukubo.

CSS only moon clip
A mini night scene complete with shooting stars by
Yusuke Nakaya.

Yep, this is definitely how Mondays feel sometimes.

SVG tip of the day #17
Animating the viewbox opens the door to so many neat effects when animating SVG. This tip from Louis is a good one. He has more SVG tips in this series too.


Creating 3D illustrations in CSS
Realistic CSS illustrations always amaze me. Making them 3D is even more impressive. This tutorial is full of lots of examples and advice on how to create realistic 3D CSS illustrations. There’s a short section on animating these 3D illustrations too.

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