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Happy Friday! I have so many beautiful inspiration links to share with you in this week’s issue. There are two lovely 3D demos, apps showing a lot of emotion, and some fun SVG animations below.

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- Val

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Cassie Codes site

I love this new version of Cassie’s personal site. It’s packed with SVG animation and some very fun interactions. A personal site is the perfect place to have fun and show some personality like this one does. She shares more on how it was made and what she built it with in this twitter thread.


Glowing buttons
Three very energetic and bright glowing buttons from Pranjal Bhadu.

Glass | Booleans, booleans, booleans
More 3D loveliness from Maria Pan.

Apps have feelings too
Sometimes I feel bad when I delete an app from my phone. This very cute Pen from Oliva Ng explains why.

Everything is going to be ok
I want to live in the 3d worlds that Anna the Scavenger creates! If you haven’t seen some of her other work from past issues, check out the link in the bottom right of this Pen for more.

Moonlight desert
A soothing nighttime animated scene by Oscar Salazar. Don’t forget to look for shooting stars in this one.

The physics behind spring animations
Maxime Heckel digs into the math and physics behind spring animations. If you’ve ever wondered what the various numbers in the spring equations did, this article has those answers.


An overview of scroll technologies
Zach Saucier lists and compares the various techniques we have available today for scroll-related animations.

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