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Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a great one, even if it’s not a holiday Friday for you. 

We’ve got a couple of cute characters in this week’s issue (a mars rover and a toaster), along with some very useful reads on bezier math and the impact of motion on UX.

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unique scroll-based animations

Mathieu Levesque

I really like how the scroll-based motion is done on this site, especially how the speed of the video reel changes direction and speed based on your scrolling behaviour. The ample use of white space in the layout let's the motion and layering take center stage.

a curious rover

Life on mars
An amusing illustrated take on the daily life of the mars rover by Matt Wilson. The colors and the geometric shapes really work well with the motion style.

rotating time in multiple ways

Fancy watch
A neat experiment with rotating different SVG elements from different points make up this fancy watch by Uwe Chardon.


A fun animated toaster from José Rosário.


The ever so lovely bezier curve
Bezier math makes for some of the best math gifs if you ask me. We use them so much in our work, it’s fun to know how they work under the hood.


Infinity carousel
Make images go by forever and ever. A handy Pen to keep around if you ever need to build something similar.


Motion design and its impact on UX
A very to-the-point summary of the impact motion has on UX by Herman Morgan.


Understanding CSS animations for email
We had a short CSS Tricks post on this in last week's issue, but this post on the Litmus blog goes into more detail of exactly what techniques work in which email clients and more.


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