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Happy Friday! I’m keeping this week’s issue short and sweet since it’s a long weekend around here. We’ve got an extra dose of inspiration in this issue, as well as a helpful read on staggering animations with CSS, and a great talk on creating generative art too.

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Learning Synths

This is a really fun site to that teaches the basics of synths. It uses both realistic and abstract animations very effectively to help demonstrate the concepts in interactive ways.


Pipes with zdog and GSAP
A fun 3D animation of pipes using zdog and GSAP that goes aon and on in the best kind of way.

File upload animation

Upload play and pause animation
A Dribbble shot brought to life in code by Aaron Iker. The Dribbble version was in the newsletter a while back but it’s great to see a coded version of it too.

Three.js galaxy
Mesmerizing floating rings of galaxy views made with Three.js.

Animate theatrical cat mask

The cat god
An animated Chinese theatrical mask by Chen Xin.

A cute moon you can drag around

Moonlight strummin'
A happy interactive animation and a very cute moon made with GSAP Draggable and more by Adam Kuhn.


Different approaches to creating staggered animations
A collection of various different ways to create staggered CSS animations. There’s an interesting method with custom properties in the list, and none of them use JavaScript. 


Generative machines talk
A video of Matt DesLauriers’ talk at FITC on algorithms and the building blocks for creating generative art. If you’re looking for more on how to make your own generative art, I really enjoyed his related Front End Masters class as well. 



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