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Happy Weekend! This week’s issue has a nice collection of animated things to bring a little fun to your weekend. It’s got two kinds of neat animated type, generative popsicles, and a helpful tutorial on clip-path transitions.

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An animated type experiment that reacts to sound (or your cursor). You can adjust the colors, stretch, direction and other variables to customize the effect too.


Character animation
A fun walking character loop that shows different settings like you might see for type.

Three.js marble
A beautiful marble made in Three.js by Fabio Ottaviani. It looks so real!

Generative tri-color pops
This animated pattern is so fun and colorful. This one makes me think of summer.

Variable fonts on Three.js
Variable fonts are cool. 3D is cool. Why not put them together?

Shape slideshow with clip-path
A slideshow transition demo from Codrops that’s full of clip-path powered circular zooms.


Exploring @property and its animating powers
Jhey shows us how the new @property can be used to specify a type for custom CSS properties and animate them. Browser support isn’t great for this right now, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

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