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Happy Friday! This week’s issue features some deeper dives into things like Material Motion and using Lottie in React projects. Plus some inspiring animations to fit a variety of moods. Lots of interesting animation things for your weekend! 

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Ultra Noir agency

ultranoir #dzy

A stylish black and white agency site with smokey distortion effects and an inverted custom cursor effect. It’s great how the distortion effect is used as a running visual theme throughout the site and not just in the opening animation.

bonsai tree with water reflection

Bonsai animation
A serene scene with a calming water distortion effect on the reflection by Kamil.

Endless loop that never drop the ball

Curve ball
A fun and slightly mind-bending loop from Chris Gannon.

ADAA - Anxiety
The music, motion, and surreal style create the just the right amount of tension to describe anxiety in this piece by BlinkMyBrain. The type morphing effects would make my typography professor mad, but I think they add to the overall effect.

Pagination buttons
A variation on pagination buttons brought to life with a simple transition from Himalaya Singh.


Guide to Material Motion in After Effects
A workflow for doing Material Design animations in After Effects, complete with a downloadable sticker sheet for easy reference.


Jumps, the new steps in web animation
Firefox 65 has introduced some additional options for the step() animation timing function. Dan Wilson demos what these new options do and when you might want to use them.


Lottie animations in React
A helpful intro to using Lottie animations in a React project with code examples and sample Lottie files.


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